When people come to see us, we tend to take a photo of their aura first. The picture is taken with special GDV camera, which only photos your fingertips. According to the picture we explain person’s physical and psychical condition, activity of single parts of the body, chakras, stress factor and health index. After the explanation we also have a conversation with them and according to the picture of their aura and anamnesis we consult how many visits in Natural health resort are optimal for each person and on which center people should pay more attention. Sometimes we even suggest an appointment in consulting room or an individual therapy. If someone’s condition is really bad we direct him to a doctor. In case of imbalance in person’s psychical condition, we try to find out a cause for that imbalance and advise how to deal with it. Dr.Kirlian’s camera can help every individual. By all those methods GDV camera is a big help, because it helps by analyzing, and at the same time gives evidence to those people who are the most skeptic. With its help we can oversee patients’ condition before, during and after the visit in the Natural healing resort.

You need to book for taking picture: 00386 41 785 675 or by mail:zdravilnigaj@gmail.com

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