The village of Tunjice is an idyllic village lying on the Slovenian Alps' foothills, close to the town of Kamnik. Millions of years ago the sea has been spread over now so wonderful woodland. Thus, the province is famous for its fossils, sanded marls and high-grade limestone formed in far Miocene.

The Natural Healing Resort is placed on the Northeast side of Kamnik city in a large dense forest nearby the picturesque baroque church of St. Ana. Within a range of 10.000 square meters of slowly inclining piece of land is a spa with healing water and several energy springs, marked with circles and ideograms of different shapes.

In spring 1998 the exceptional energy of the resort was coincidentally discovered by the owner of the property On lawns while he was excavating building-sand on a plot of land he owns. Mister Drago Vrhovnik felt tingling over his entire body. A few days later he discovered a spring of living water in which he bath his long time ago wounded arm. Within a couple of weeks the arm was completely healed. In search for reasonable explanation he was put in touch with a group of individuals sensitive to a subtle energy. Detailed researches located this piece of land as one of the strongest energy source with positive impact on a human being.

People in the past lived in harmony with nature and had knowledge of energies which cris-cross the earth like veins. The energies streams reach the surface on different places and create energetically rich areas. Due to positive impacts on human health state and feeling such areas were known as natural resorts.

The findings of researches carried out in Tunjice pointed out several energy springs with a special healing effect on one or more organic systems in a human body.

Lots of visitors feel invigorated after making a circuit through the energy springs and are on general more vital. They report resistance to colds and influenza and a general sense of well being. People have recovered from all manner of conditions including persistent headaches, nervous illnesses, rheumatism, tinnitus and many more.

The visit of springs (energies stations) is accompanied by a guide.

Nine of ten of the most important energies stations are visited during the tour. Due to strong springs energies and their powerful impact on the functioning of the human body it is recommended that visiting of one spring may take max. 10 minutes. The therapeutist guides the group from one station to another and he supervises obsolete the detaining of visitors in each station.

During the visit you receive thorough energetic refreshment and sup healing, calming, cleaning and harmonizing energies. Many people after the visit notice the health state's improvement. The above described tour is suitable for the people who would like to improve their state of health, as well as to those who want to establish physical an mental balance. In case you have serious problems with your health, we would like to invite you to visit our consulting room for a thorough energetic examination.

If you decide to visit us, please make a reservation by phone: 00386 41 785 675

The Faculty for computer and information science under the mentorship of professor doctor Igor Kononeko, has made a research in which they accompanied 71 people, who have taken a photo of aura before and after the visit of the Natural healing resort. The results showed that even after only one visit aura is much stronger and improved.

Our experiences show that this approach helps all the patients to form a trustworthy connection with therapist, which is very important during the therapy.